B.C. Law Among Best at Using Technology

BC Law School is among the nation's best at providing computer connectivity to its students, according to a survey by the magazine National Jurist .

The survey, which measures the use of computers in legal education using a scale similar to the grade point average system, ranks BC Law fifth among the nation's law schools with a score of 3.74. Only the law schools at Nova Southeastern (Florida), the University of Illinois, Brigham Young University and Washington University (St. Louis) ranked higher.

BC Law received a 3.7 from the magazine's editors for its computer access, a 4.0 on registration, a 3.3 on computers in class and a 4.0 on student services. Students register on computer and may view all of their personal information, including grades and student accounts, online. In addition, all students are required to have e-mail accounts.

Since the survey was conducted, the Law School has made further technology strides. The five classrooms in its new wing are wired for data transmission and electrical power at every seat, allowing students to plug in their laptops and gain access to Web-based legal tools on demand.

-Lisa Rogers

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