Comerford Tapped To Oversee Major Construction
At B.C.

By Michael Seele
Chronicle Editor

Joseph Comerford, an engineer and supervisor of several major construction projects in New England, has been named special assistant to the executive vice president for construction project management.

Comerford, who began work on Jan. 1, has responsibility for executive oversight of new construction projects and major renovations from the design phase through construction and occupancy.

During his 35 years in the profession, Comerford has worked on or supervised myriad construction projects, including sports arenas, convention centers, high-rise hotels and office buildings, large apartment complexes and hospitals.

On New England college campuses, Comerford has been involved in construction projects at Harvard University, Yale University, Emmanuel College and Bates College.

A registered professional engineer, Comerford holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Northeastern University. He also has taken graduate courses at Northeastern and at Babson College.

Among Comerford's first projects at Boston College are the renovation and expansion of Higgins Hall, the construction of a new office building on Hammond Street, and the upcoming renovation of Lyons Hall.
Joseph Comerford

"Boston College has a well thought-out capital improvement program and I'm exciting about being here," Comerford said. "I feel I have something to contribute."

Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella welcomed Comerford's arrival, saying it will allow him to focus more closely on other aspects of the University's business.

"Joe has all the construction and management experience required to take a lot of work off my desk," he said.

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