Lowry Donates his Books to Library

Prof. Ritchie Lowry (Sociology), a pioneer in the field of ethical investing, has donated to O'Neill Library some 400 books to help investors make money in the stock market while maintaining their consciences.

Lowry, the author of Good Money: A Guide to Profitable Social Investing in the '90s , is a founder and president of Good Money Inc., a firm that tracks the performance of companies chosen for their principles on the environment, worker safety and other social issues.

After closing his Vermont office l ast year and moving the firm's operations to the World Wide Web, Lowry said, "We were left with an office full of books that we didn't want to throw away."

Covering topics ranging from environmental investing to the filing of shareholder petitions, the books offer an overview of the growth of ethical investing in the 16 years since Good Money was launched.

"The whole social-investing movement in America is fairly new," said Lowry. "These books present a good history.

-Mark Sullivan

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