Boston College Chronicle

Feb. 4, 1999 Vol. 7, No. 10

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Burns Acquires 30,000 Books from French Jesuits
'Gold mine' dates to 1500s

Alumnae Launch Mentoring Effort

Strength To Build On
AVP Burgess sees promising future for Boston College

MASTERPIECE - Guests at a Jan. 30 black-tie reception view Caravaggio's "The Taking of Christ" in the McMullen Museum of Art. The 1602 painting, thought lost for two centuries until its discovery in a Jesuit dining room in Dublin a few years ago, is making its first appearance in North America during the current McMullen exhibition. It and other Baroque works will be on display through May 24. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)


Delta Eyes Human Resources Services
Anglo-Irish Literature Collection Now Online
Boston Pastor to Address M.L.K. Banquet
Hammond Receives Diversity Fellowship
Responding to Rising Demand, Chaplaincy Expands Retreats
Hesse-Biber Named to Newton Panel
Student Development Staff Participate in Newton Service Project
Prof. Emeritus Miller Dies
Lowry Donates his Books to Library
Program Promotes Spirituality in Residence Halls
Devine Honored for Use of 'Green' Light


Photo: Irish Ties

Gaelic Guardian--Burns Scholar Ni Dhomhnaill, a Leading Irish-Language Poet, Helps Sort Collection
Better Chemistry Through Computing--Billo applies Excel program to science
Underground Map--Geologists cull through 20th century records to create database detailing Massachusetts' subsurface features
What's A 'Fair Share?'--Sociologist Williamson's book presents range of views on the current Social Security debate
Welcome Additions--Introductions of new, tenure-track faculty


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