Devine Honored for Use of 'Green' Light

An international manufacturer has recognized Buildings and Grounds Director Thomas Devine for using its energy-efficient, environmentally compliant lighting system in Boston College facilities.

Devine was honored at a Jan. 28 ceremony in St. Clements Hall by the Philips Lighting Co., producers of ALTO fluorescent technology, a low-maintenance lighting system. The so-called "green lights" contain 80 percent less mercury than standard fluorescent lamps, according to the company, making them safer for handling and disposal.

"It was a win-win situation," said Devine of his decision to begin using the ALTO system at BC last year. "With the other kinds of fluorescent lamps, you have to have a process for collecting, transferring and disposing of bulbs that no longer work. We wanted a different approach, one that was environmentally conscious as well as cost effective. ALTO is a good, solid invention, which saves in labor and transportation costs and does not pose as great a potential environmental hazard."

-Sean Smith

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