Michalczyk film "December's Dilemma" to air Dec. 21

The documentary "December's Dilemma: The Creche, the Dreidel and the Star," documentary written, produced and directed by Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts), will air on WGBH-TV (Channel 2) on Dec. 21 at 10:30 p.m.

The 26-minute film examines contemporary interfaith issues associated with the holidays, according to Michalczyk, and "offers a fresh view of the origins and spirit of the two rich traditions of Christmas and Chanukah." The documentary features interviews with leading Jewish and Catholic theologians, clergy, sociologists, authors and teachers, including several BC faculty members.

Chronicle to resume publication Jan. 21

This issue of Chronicle is the final edition for the fall semester. Chronicle will resume publication on Jan. 21 and continue on a biweekly schedule until Friday, May 28.

The deadline for Calendar and People submissions is the Thursday prior to publication.

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