Jesuit Institute Accepting Grant Applications For '99-'00

The Jesuit Institute has announced the availability of grants for the 1999-2000 academic year to support research, seminars and other activities at the University.

The institute awards one visiting research fellow grant per year, which includes a $37,000 stipend and on-campus residence. During the year, the institute fellow studies an issue or theme regarding the intersection of faith and culture, gives two public lectures and conducts a seminar.

Visiting scholar and Jesuit lecturer grants in varying amounts also are available through the institute. Any academic department or program - individually or with other units - may apply for these funds, which provide support for academics and researchers to visit the campus and discuss their work. The scholars and Jesuit lecturers are asked to make several public appearances while at the University.

Boston College faculty, visiting faculty and University chair holders may apply to the Jesuit Institute for funds to start interdisciplinary seminars. Participants are expected to make a commitment to the seminar which includes continuing their involvement during academic leaves and sabbaticals.

The institute also has funds available for one- or two-day academic retreats in which departments or programs reflect on the religious dimensions of their own disciplines.

Applications for all grants must be received by Jan. 31 at the institute office in Faber House, 102 College Rd.

-Sean Smith

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