Faculty Day to Feature Winners of New Awards

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The University's annual Faculty Day event on May 6 will showcase teaching, research and service activities, recognizing the winners of newly established incentive grants to faculty who have excelled in these areas.

University President William P. Leahy, SJ, and Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties David R. Burgess will speak at the event, titled "A Celebration of Faculty," which will be held from 3-5 p.m. in the Heights Room of the Lower Campus Dining Facility.

Burgess said the incentive grants will honor both a junior and senior faculty member in teaching, research or service. The nearly 80 nominees for the awards also will be recognized at the event, he added.

"There were many, many worthy candidates for these grants," said Burgess, who will be presiding over his first Faculty Day. "Looking at these nominees, it was quite clear that Boston College has ample reason to take pride in the quality of its faculty."

Burgess said he also plans to discuss the Desktop 2000 project announced earlier this month. Under the plan, BC will replace some 2,500 desktop computers on campus beginning early this summer, providing employees with high-power systems and up-to-date University standard software. The project also calls for routine replacement of desktop computers, servers and printers, as well as software upgrades.

"I want to talk about the opportunities and benefits Desktop 2000 will provide for faculty in their teaching and research," he said. "I also want to emphasize how important our partnership with Information Technology is and what it will mean for faculty in the coming years."

A reception will follow the speaking program.

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