Employees Can Use Card in Dining Halls

Faculty and staff may now find it easier to pick up the cafeteria lunch tab using their Eagle One cards, thanks to a recent advance that allows dollars to be transferred into a dining account over the computer.

Staff, as well as students, have the ability to use their BC IDs as debit cards in paying for meals in campus dining halls. Until recently, it had been necessary to go in person to the Student Services Office in Lyons Hall to deposit funds in the dining account on which the debit cards draw.

But it is now possible to transfer funds to a dining account online, using a credit card, through the Agora system at http://agora.bc.edu.

Dining Services Director Patricia Bando said the new online fund-transfer option was introduced a month ago, and will benefit the "several hundred" staffers she said maintain dining accounts.

Paying by the swipe of an Eagle One Card speeds up service in dining halls by relieving cashiers of the need to make change, Bando said. "One of the goals of the University is to go 'cash-less' wherever possible," she said.

-Mark Sullivan

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