Global Economy Conference at B.C

Global Economy Conference at B.C

Harvard Divinity School Acting Dean Rev. J. Bryan Hehir and New York Times Washington Correspondent David Sanger will discuss the world financial situation at a Boston College-sponsored forum at St. Ignatius Church from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 21.

Organizer Prof. Charles Derber (Sociology) said the event, "Rethinking Globalization: Developing a Framework for a Just Global Economy," will be the first in a series.

"We hope to make Boston College a leader in the emerging international dialogue about a new 'global architecture,' as well as an active agent in the effort to bring relief and justice to the battered nations of Central America," he said.

"Many faculty, administrators and students are already deeply involved in these matters, and the Catholic Church is likewise taking major initiatives to address both the crisis in Central America and the larger question of a more just and humane global system."

Derber said the organizers hope the event will contribute "to the discourse occurring around us" and influence policy decisions, but that in particular it will help define the actions necessary to implement a "just" global economy.

-Mark Sullivan

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