Pennies Add Up for Cause

The Staff Advisory Senate has raised $400 for the Campus School, which serves students aged 3-21 with multiple disabilities, through its third annual Pennies from Heaven campaign.

"People all over campus put jars on their desks and threw change in them," said Eldredge. "They've been coming by my office with jars of pennies." Nickels and dimes also are often included in the jars, she said.

The tens of thousands of donated coins donated were rolled by University cashiers Emma Maffei and Rita Nicholson, who use one machine to separate the coins by denomination, another to count them.

"It's a lot of work," Maffei said, "but it's for a good cause, so we don't mind."

In recent years, the SAS has conducted several campaigns with a variety of charitable goals. Eldredge said the drives typically are greeted with strong employee support.

-Mark Sullivan

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