Museum To Hold Printmaking Symposium

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

The future of printmaking and the influence of new media and techniques will be discussed at a symposium, "Media for the Next Millennium," in the McMullen Museum of Art on Sunday, Sept. 14.

The event is sponsored by the McMullen Museum and the Vinalhaven Graphic Arts Foundation, and will coincide with the final day of the museum's current exhibition, "In Print: Contemporary Artists at the Vinalhaven Press."

As many as 300 artists, scholars, art dealers and collectors are expected to attend the symposium, which will run from 1-5 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, and will be followed by a reception.

McMullen Museum Curator Alston Conley said the symposium will be "a must for anybody involved or interested in the world of artists' prints."

"It's very important that we're holding this world-class conference here," said Museum Director Nancy Netzer. "This is a really crucial moment for our understanding of the print medium. Many feel that with the advent of computerized images, the printing process - invented in the 15th century as a medium for spreading images and information among the public - has been dealt its final blow. It's very important that artists, scholars and curators discuss the process and its future in the next millennium."

An accomplished group of panelists from the art world will participate in the symposium. Patricia Nick, director of Vinalhaven Press and the Vinalhaven Graphic Arts Foundation, will offer introductory remarks, while Richard Field, curator of prints and photographs at the Yale University Art Gallery, will give an overview of the workshop.

Speakers will include University of South Carolina Contemporary Art Museum Director Margaret Miller; Deborah Wye, curator of prints and artists' books at the Museum of Modern Art; and Kathleen Orlenko, paper conservator at the National Archive in San Bruno, Calif.

Panelists participating in a question-and-answer session will include: Clifford Ackley, curator of prints, drawings and photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts; New York Public Library Curator Roberta Waddell; David Becker, former curator and assistant professor of graphic design at the Maine College of Art; Marilyn Kushner, curator of prints at the Brooklyn Museum of Art; Jon Cone of Cone Editions; and Chip Benson, dean of the art department at Yale University.

The McMullen Museum is located on the first floor of Devlin Hall. For more information, see the museum's World Wide Web site,

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