B.C. Rates 'Mega-Selective' Among Catholic Universities

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

Boston College is ranked as one of the four most selective Catholic universities in the nation in a new guide to Catholic colleges compiled by The Princeton Review.

BC was rated "mega-selective," along with the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University and the College of the Holy Cross, in the newly released 1998 edition of The Complete Book of Catholic Colleges .

The book profiles the academic, social and spiritual characteristics of 193 Catholic schools.

"For Catholic families and students, this guide book offers a real recognition that BC is a national institution that will be extremely appealing to students looking for a school that meets their religious and spiritual needs," said Enrollment Management Dean Robert Lay.

Each institution listed in the book was given a selectivity rating between 60 and 100, reflecting the competitiveness of their admissions. Colleges that received selectivity ratings of 90 or higher were deemed "mega-selective," which the guide described as those most likely to grant admission to the "A-student taking tough courses with SAT scores over 1,300 and a solid extracurricular record." Boston College received a rating of 95. Notre Dame and Georgetown each received a 98, while Holy Cross was given a 90 rating.

The guidebook cites BC as having the largest full-time undergraduate enrollment of any Catholic university in the United States, and the largest active teaching community of Jesuits in the world.

"Life outside the classroom is abuzz at BC," the entry said, noting the school's athletic prowess in football, basketball and hockey, and the planned construction of a new student center.

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