Students Connect To 'Net By Themselves

All incoming students this fall are able to rig their own personal computers to the Internet, an innovation that will smooth the back-to-school process by sharply decreasing the number of help calls to BC staff technicians at one of their busiest times of the year.

BC has introduced technology that permits a campus computer user to automatically set the electronic "address" his or her machine requires to send or receive information over the Internet.

Self-activation of Internet addresses will measurably streamline the operations of the IT Office during the back-to-school rush, said Director of Technology Planning and Development Paul R. Dupuis.

"Before, if you wanted an address, you had to call someone. Multiply that by 4,000 employees or 6,000 students," said Dupuis. "and you're going to encounter delays."

Internet activations used to busy 10 IT staffers for three weeks at the beginning of the fall semester, and one staffer for the entire year, all of whom will now be freed for other projects, Dupuis said.

Under the new system, a new PC user fills out an electronic form and is accorded a permanent "address" for his or her computer.

-Mark Sullivan

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