Monthly Forum To Ease Communication

Administrative Officers Council springs from Delta

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Boston College has established a monthly forum for University managers to discuss institution-wide issues and improve communication regarding major initiatives such as Project Delta.

The Administrative Officers Council, which held its first meeting on Aug. 26, includes 24 representatives from administrative and academic offices, with Associate Dean of Faculties Richard Spinello and Budget Office Director Michael Callnan serving as co-chairs.

Administrators and council members said the AOC, which was conceived through Project Delta, will provide a faster, more efficient means to address concerns, disseminate or gather information. The AOC will be particularly valuable in helping monitor the progress of broad initiatives related to Delta and the University Academic Planning Council, they said.

Council meetings will enable managers to describe policy or programmatic changes in technology, compensation or capital budgets, for example, that affect both academic and non-academic areas. Members also could bring up general or specific issues of concern in their divisions, such as technology problems.

Associate Dean of Faculties Richard Spinello.

"The idea is that you get the right people talking with one another," said Financial Vice President and Treasurer Peter McKenzie, a major proponent for the council. "Now, every month, managers who deal in academic, infrastructure and administrative areas will gather and share pressing matters of interest. It's a no-cost move that strengthens and streamlines our internal communication."

"This council is an important addition to our management structure," said Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella. "Its members are people who carry out a lot of administrative responsibilities on both the academic and non-academic sides. Through the council, they can listen to and learn from one another, and keep up to date on the changes coming through Delta and UAPC."

As executive vice president, Campanella will be the sponsoring chair of the AOC, providing coordination and authority to council activities. Spinello and Callnan will be responsible for organizing and conducting meetings and referring AOC action items to the appropriate University administrators.

Budget Office Director Michael Callnan.

"The AOC is a way for us to hear the same message at the same time, and relay it to our respective offices and divisions," said Callnan. "If there's been an issue of concern in one school, we can see if it's surfaced in another school or in Human Resources, Information Technology and other places."

"One of the overriding goals of Delta," Spinello said, "is to get people to think outside of their respective departments and see through the eyes of the University as a whole. The council is an excellent vehicle to accomplish this."

Spinello and Callnan said the monthly meetings will have a structured agenda, and minutes will be taken and distributed to members, vice presidents and deans. The council also will discuss other ways of keeping the University community informed of its activities, Spinello added.

Other AOC members are: Purchasing Department Director John Beckwith; Associate University Librarian Kathleen Boyd; Learning to Learn Director Dan Bunch; Law School Associate Dean for Administration Michael Cassidy; Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean Patricia DeLeeuw; Buildings and Grounds Director Thomas Devine; School of Nursing Assistant Dean for Administration Susan Donelan; University Controller Michael Driscoll; and School of Education Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration Mary Ellen Fulton.

Also, Dining Service Associate Director John Grogan; Graduate School of Social Work Associate Dean Albert Hanwell; Human Resources Employee Relations Director Richard Jefferson; Associate Athletic Director for Business Affairs Lawrence Leckonby; Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and University Registrar Louise Lonabocker; College of Arts and Sciences Senior Associate Dean Marie McHugh; Student Affairs Administrative Officer for Business Affairs Brenda Ricard; University Housing Associate Director Linda Riley; Information Technology Director Martin Smith; Director of Development for Annual and Major Gifts Randy Stabile; Carroll School of Management Assistant Dean for Administration Barbara Viechnicki; and Information Technology Application Services Director Denis Walsh.

One additional member is expected to be named shortly.

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