Boston College Chronicle

Sept. 18, 1997 Vol. 6, No. 2

Urban Catholic Teacher Corps Hits Classroom

BC-Archdiocese Initiative

Freshman Class Said To Be Strongest In B.C. History

A Matter Of Space

SOE Researchers Say Spatial Ability, Not Gender, Holds The Key To Higher Math Scores

MASS-Hundreds of students, faculty and staff attended the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit on O'Neill Plaza Sept. 7. The Mass is a tradition at Catholic institutions at the beginning of the academic year. A barbecue on Bapst Lawn followed the Mass. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)


60 Departments, Offices to Be Reviewed By Delta
Faculty Support Programs Available For Coming Years
White to Oversee State, Local Relations--Long-time state legislator is alumnus
DeFilippo Is Named Athletic Director
Boston College Club to Open in Early '98-- Gathering place for alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends
Motorola C.E.O. Addresses Chief Executives Club
B.C. Center Leads Business Week Survey
Effort to Draw More African-Americans
No Tiara, But Zebian Wins Scholarship
Guide to Speaker's Papers Published--Panel to note legacy of late 'Tip' O'Neill
Irish Studies Grads, Now Authors, Will Return to Lecture
Community Affairs Seeks Data Base Input


Regulatory Hangover --Oversight of the alcohol industry has consolidated power in a few companies, says economist Fr. McGowan
Fr. McGowan: F.D.A.'s Place in Tobacco Deal to Be Key


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