Community Affairs Seeks Data Base Input

A new computer data base is being amassed that will detail Boston College involvement across a broad range of community affairs, from soup-kitchen volunteerism to faculty advisement on public policy.

Community Affairs Director Jean McKeigue is asking faculty and staff to help build the store of data by contributing information on any service projects in which they are involved.

McKeigue said the aim is to inform the public about BC efforts in the local community, help BC department members learn what others are doing in areas of community work, and provide a clearinghouse of information for those seeking volunteer opportunities.

"Someone browsing the database would be able to type in a key word or phrase - for example, "elderly," or "homeless shelter" - and receive a listing of projects in that area in which BC is involved," she said. "Or, if someone in the Law School is doing research on domestic abuse, he or she will be able to call up the various projects in which the Graduate School of Social Work or the School of Nursing are involved."

In addition, the data base will help the University gain a better understanding of its volunteer and monetary contributions to the community.

For information about the survey or to offer information on a community-service project, contact the Office of Community Affairs at ext. 2-4787.

-Mark Sullivan

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