Sociology Ph.D Program Is 25 Years Old

The Sociology Department marked the 25th anniversary of its graduate program with a day-long event on Oct. 12, "Sociology, Scholarship and Praxis: A Celebration," featuring panel discussions and an evening reception.

Forty-five of the program's 96 graduates, together with administrators and department faculty, attended the program in Fulton Hall, which included panel discussions on how training in sociology can be applied in academic settings, as well as in business and other non-academic professions.

Following a reception and dinner in Gasson Hall, S.M. Miller, a visiting professor in the department, presented a lecture titled "The Future of the Field and the Department."

"When we were preparing for the celebration, we asked people to send us their bios," Prof. David Karp, the department chairman, said. "We found it encouraging that they had been able to apply their skills in a range of disciplines and careers. The responses we got also indicate how positive they feel about their graduate experience, how formative their training was and how it provided a strong basis for their professional and personal lives."

-Sean Smith

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