Trustees Vote To Authorize Capital Drive

Several areas targeted

By Douglas Whiting
Director of Public Affairs

The Board of Trustees on Sept. 26 authorized the University to undertake a capital campaign that in the words of one member "positions Boston College to become a world class" institution.

Trustees Jack Connors Jr. and Geoffrey T. Boisi will lead the fundraising effort, which over the next several years will seek to raise money for endowments, including scholarships and faculty support, and for new and ongoing programs, new and renovated buildings, and general operating costs.

The effort, together with the recently announced University Academic Planning Council initiatives and Project Delta, will significantly transform the University as it enters a new century, according to trustees.

"This is a pivotal point in the life of the University," said Board Chairman Richard F. Syron.

University President William P. Leahy, SJ, said the "campaign is key to BC continuing to strengthen itself and to delivering on the promises we are making in achieving our ambitious goals."

"It is time to be bold, creative and tough-minded," said Boisi, "if we are to take our rightful place in the world of higher education."

Both Connors and Boisi delivered eloquent and passionate remarks to their colleagues in support of the historic campaign that was about to be launched.

Though a specific campaign goal will not be set for some time, the board's vote allows for the establishment of a Campaign Executive Committee and for the solicitation of trustee and leadership gifts to begin immediately. The Campaign Executive Committee will regularly report campaign progress to the full Board of Trustees during the next two years, at which time a goal will be identified.

The board's vote followed a presentation by consultant Michael Sinkus, president of Marts & Lundy, Inc., which specializes in college and university capital campaign efforts. According to Sinkus, there exists "a very positive environment for a successful fundraising campaign with no looming obstacles."

Sinkus, whose firm completed a campaign feasibility study for Boston College this summer, said that the study confirmed the existence of a number of positive criteria needed for a successful campaign: strong endorsement of the volunteer leadership of Connors and Boisi; strong affirmation of the Jesuit and Catholic traditions at Boston College; strong faith in the leadership of Fr. Leahy; excellent volunteer resources; a strong development staff; and the commitment by those interviewed to place Boston College among their highest philanthropic activities.

In other news, Fr. Leahy updated the board on a number of recent personnel activities, including the hiring of Associate Vice President for State and Community Relations W. Paul White and Director of Athletics Eugene DiFilippo.

He also announced the development this fall of an institutional communications strategy that will be designed to strengthen internal and external communications in the areas of public affairs, publications, government and community affairs and athletics.

Members of the board extended Vice President Margaret A. Dwyer a warm and enthusiastic standing ovation when it was announced she was attending her final trustee meeting. Dwyer's retirement after more than 20 years as University vice president was announced at Faculty Convocation on Sept. 4.

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