English Majors Shown Options

A career night for English majors on Nov. 11 drew alumni speakers from the high-tech, publishing and financial fields who dispelled the notion that liberal arts graduates either teach or drive cabs.

"English Majors Can Do Anything" was the title of the event staged by the undergraduate English Association in the Walsh Hall Function Room.

The panel featured seven graduates of the Boston College English Department who have gone on to successful careers in varied fields.

Speakers included Vanessa DiMauro '89, director of online technology at Cambridge Information Network; Suzanne Tedeschi '89, an attorney at a New Bedford legal-aid agency; and Phyllis Ann Sharon '80, an editor for Lotus Development Corp.

Also participating were David Pallai '72, president of Charles River Media; Ellen Cook '92, a 401 K account officer at Putnam Investments; Audrey Anderson '87, a production manager at Chemical Education Resources; and Joseph McCarthy '72, an associate dean at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

English Association Co-President Michelle Kelly '98, said she organized the event in response to "the fear that sets in among English majors around junior year." Namely, she added, "I've been reading all these Jane Austen novels. Now what am I going to do with my life?'

"People with English majors have writing and communication skills that are valued," said Kelly, a Jane Austen aficionado herself who has interned at Money magazine and is interested in a career in financial writing.

"Firms say they want people who can write and speak well, people who can analyze things. These are things English majors do all the time. English majors can do anything they want. They have a set of skills that are valuable in today's marketplace."

- Mark Sullivan

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