Delta Forms Teams To Enact Several Efforts

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Project Delta has formed seven new teams of administrators and staff to oversee implementation of initiatives relating to student services, faculty and staff support, and human resources.

The initiatives were developed over the past several months and have been presented publicly by Delta representatives at several meetings this semester.

Two teams will be involved in establishing a new model for student services. Enrollment Systems Director Rita Owens will lead a group assigned to bring together service components in the offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, Student Accounts, Student Loans, Credit and Collections, and Enrollment Systems. They will merge administrative systems in these areas and create an organization to provide the services, as well as design and establish learning and development programs to cross-train staff.

New Delta team leaders include, from left, Senior Associate Director of Admission Stanley Zatkowski, Employee Relations Director Richard Jefferson, Associate Director for Technology Planning and Integration Mary Corcoran, Compensation and Records Manager Halley McLain and Employee Development Director Bernard O'Kane. (Photo by Gary Gilbert)
A Programming Activities Design Team headed by Undergraduate Admission Office Senior Associate Director Stanley Zatkowski will devise a new way for delivering student programs and support services, and identify the technology needed to accomplish this.

Three teams will carry out a series of projects in the human resources area. Employee Development Director Bernard O'Kane will lead an effort to offer a support system for employees affected by changes and reorganizations in the first Delta implementation phase. This project will create programs to ensure employees acquire skills needed for new practices introduced by Delta initiatives. In addition, O'Kane will oversee design of a learning and development strategy to help employees become active learners throughout their careers.

A group headed by Employee Relations Director Richard Jefferson will help establish a new Human Resources Information System, which will entail reviewing current procedures and business requirements, then selecting a vendor for the new system.

Compensation and Records Manager Halley McLain will direct an effort to redesign the University's performance evaluation and compensation systems to emphasize high-level performance and competency-based criteria for career progression and salary decisions.

In the faculty-staff project, Associate Director for Technology Planning and Integration Mary Corcoran has been appointed to direct a team redesigning the current process for providing technology support. The new process envisions assigning consultants to assist offices and departments in using technology and implementing Delta initiatives.The team also will revise job descriptions and functions for individuals who assume the technology consultant positions.

Associate Vice President for Information Technology Bernard Gleason and Assoc. Prof. Richard Jenson (Mathematics) will lead a team implementing the "Office of the Future" initiative. This group will create a Web-based application to provide faculty with direct access to student information and academic-related services, including class lists, e-mail addresses, textbook orders, library requisitions and audio-visual services.

Some of the implementation teams will hold organizational meetings this month and all projects will begin by January, said Delta Manager James Kreinbring. While some teams will complete their work in a matter of months, others may take up to a year, he said.

"Now that we are going into implementation, the departments affected by the Phase One changes will play a larger role in the project," said Kreinbring. "For example, the staff in our student service areas, and their managers and directors, will be directly involved in the transitions to the new service models and in making organizational changes."

More information is available at the Delta Web site.

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