Citations Honor Recipients' Accomplishments

The following citations were issued to the honorary degree recipients at Commencement Exercises.

Bertie Ahern

Founded in 1863 by a visionary man of Ulster to serve Boston's Catholic population, then mostly newly arrived Irish, and, thus, bound by history to the land and people of Ireland, this Jesuit university extends a welcome, warmed by the spirit of kinship, to the distinguished head of state from the economic wonder and most literate nation of the European Union. For more than two decades in public service, you have earned respect and voter support by placing people before politics, rising through the ranks of Fianna Fail to become only the sixth leader of Ireland's largest and most powerful political party. Now your country's youngest-ever Taoiseach , you lead a prosperous, rapidly developing state, a confident, forward-looking Ireland, committed to preserving its glorious past and traditions in fidelity to its ancient self. Sealing this tribute with a prayer that a bravely won peace may endure and flourish in the homeland of our revered founder, Boston College respectfully proclaims a valued friend and the esteemed prime minister of Ireland Doctor of Laws.

Margaret A. Dwyer

Your signature grace, humor, and respectful understanding of people are a legacy, the gift of an ancestry epitomized by your father, who annually proclaimed his Irish Catholic heritage with a green, brushed-beaver hat. You honored that proud lineage by shattering what some might call a "stained-glass ceiling" to become this university's first woman vice president. From apprenticeship as a graduate assistant to the founding dean of our School of Education, you journeyed back to LeMoyne College, your alma mater, to serve as registrar, dean of women and assistant academic dean, then on to mastery as a principal of the administrative leadership team that planted and cultivated this bountiful season for our university. With admiration and gratitude for your devotion to the Ignatian vision of higher learning, for your splendid career wholly dedicated to that ideal, and for the lavish repayment of a heartfelt debt to your Jesuit mentors, Boston College joyfully confers upon a beloved daughter and singular "woman fo r others" the degree of Doctor of Laws.

John N. Hatsopoulos

Born in Athens, the ancient cradle of science and technology, into the cultural tradition of Euclid, Pythagoras and Archimedes, you reflect the glory of that rich Hellenic heritage in a brilliant career of scientific and technological innovation. President and chief financial officer of Thermo Electron Corporation, you are praised by peers and business analysts alike for your success with your brother, George, as generators of new businesses, heading a corporate phenomenon that continues to spin off a dazzling array of enterprises for the design and manufacture of products and technologies to improve health, safety and the environment. With admiration for a leader of an extraordinary high technology "family business," where people are the principal resource, where the corporate culture is ethical, supportive and humane, and where "giving back" is the bottom line, Boston College proudly declares you Doctor of Business Administration.

Catalina Montes

Our assembly is graced by a remarkably dedicated educator whose professional venue, "the microcosm of the public school," echoes with the vibrant sound of young voices speaking 27 languages. As principal of Allston's Thomas Gardner Elementary School, you call upon the resources of your personal history and more than two decades' experience as teacher and administrator in the Boston Public Schools. With the backing and endorsement of a broad range of community, institutional and agency support, you apply your pedagogical gifts and love for your charges to realize the vision of an extended services school to help alleviate social ills and remove barriers between students and learning. Proclaiming admiration for your crusade to renew public education as a foundation of our national aspirations and as a passageway to opportunity and accomplishment for native-born and newcomer alike, Boston College installs you in her most honored company of scholars, conferring the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

James W. Skehan, SJ

Recalling the contributions that members of the Society of Jesus made to the birth and growth of seismology, we gladly honor a revered teacher and admired colleague, a scientist exemplar of the integrity of Christian life and learning. Scholar, internationally renowned explorer and unraveler of mysteries locked in the Earth's crust, professor of geology, founder and first chair of our Geology Department, the chair of the merged Departments of Geology and Geophysics, director of the Weston Observatory, and mentor to a generation of accomplished practicing geologists, you hold the particular gratitude and esteem of your University family for generously sharing the Ignatian spirituality that illuminates your rock-solid Jesuit priesthood. With profound respect for the gospel foundation of your way of proceeding and the spiritual dimension of your academic and scientific pursuits, Boston College rejoices and proclaims her illustrious son and devoted "Father" Doctor of Science.

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