I.T. Expands Schedule, Off-Campus Access

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The University's Information Technology division recently announced an expanded schedule for some faculty computing resource facilities, and will shortly introduce a new off-campus Internet access service.

The Interactive Multimedia Laboratory, located in Gasson 1, is now available for instructional use until 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The IML has 25 Macintosh workstations in a classroom environment, an instructor's station with a Macintosh and PC, and a large video display screen.

In addition, two other computing resource facilities will have the same extended evening hours: Gasson 6, a video presentation room with a capacity of 25 with both Macintosh and PC workstations; and Gasson 9, a laboratory which contains 17 Macintosh and nine PC workstations.

Faculty and staff can arrange for use of the IML by calling ext. 2-4659 or through e-mail at imlstaff@bc.edu. Requests to use either Gasson 6 or Gasson 9 can be made via e-mail to Lisa@bc.edu.

Off-campus users will soon have the option of using a new modem connection to the University's Internet service, said Network and Desktop Services Manager Randall Titchner. Through an agreement with IBM, Boston College will provide a fee-based dial-up option through IGN, IBM's global access network service. IT was making last-minute adjustments to accommodate the new service late last week and Titchner said it would be available shortly.

"Given that we have 96 ports serving between 3,500 and 4,000 users, the contention for access can be very high," Titchner said. "For people who want an alternative, IGN is consistently rated as among the best in efficiency and reliability."

Users can pay $17.95 a month for unlimited access through IGN, $12.95 for 50 hours or $4.95 for three hours. The service supports both PC and Macintosh platforms, Titchner said. It will be possible to use both the IGN option and the current dial-up service, he added.

"If you just want to log in and check your e-mail, for example, but you're finding it difficult to get a connection through the regular dial-up," Titchner said, "you can get in through IGN, do what you need to do, and log out."

Information about the new service will be available on the IT World Wide Web page and in the division's quarterly newsletter, he said.

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