Project Delta initiative

Lonabocker, Pekala Head New Unit

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Vice President for Human Resources Leo V. Sullivan has announced the appointments of University Registrar and Associate Dean for Enrollment Management Louise Lonabocker and Financial Aid Director Bernard Pekala to head the University's new Student Services organization.

Lonabocker was named director of Student Services, while Pekala accepted the position of director of Financial Strategies. Both appointments were effective July 1.

The Student Services organization was created through an initiative under Project Delta, the broad-based effort to improve productivity, efficiency and service within the University, said Project Delta Manager James Kreinbring. Student Services integrates and centralizes functions of Student Accounts, Financial Aid, University Registrar and other offices, he said, enabling students to more easily apply for financial aid, process loan forms, sign up for meal plans or obtain information on the status of their student account.

"Rather than a group of separate offices and departments, Boston College now has a single administrative unit focusing on student financial and business services," said Kreinbring. "There is no longer a Financial Aid Office, per se; instead, there are people within this Student Services organization who provide financial aid and loan services, just as there are others assisting with registration and transcripts, student accounts or meal plan services.

Student Services Director Louise Lonabocker.

"These appointments are an important first step," he said, "in unifying services for our students and their families."

As director, Lonabocker will oversee the organization's financial, academic and auxiliary services, technical support and communications, Kreinbring said. Among her responsibilities are the establishment of policy, procedure and priorities, management of the operating budget, ensuring technology and training resources, and developing approaches to providing outstanding customer service. She will report to the Project Delta Executive Team.

Financial Strategies Director Bernard Pekala.

"This is a new era for the University and I'm glad to be part of it," said Lonabocker. "I look forward to working with our people, and merging our different skills and backgrounds into a cohesive unit providing the best service possible to students."

In his new position, Kreinbring said, Pekala will serve as the University's chief financial strategist in the areas of student financial aid, loans, accounts, collections, receivables, reconciliations and payments. Among other duties, he will manage the financial aid budget, administer federal, state and institutional funding for financial aid, and develop approaches to meet the financial need of all students. Pekala will report to the Dean of Enrollment Management .

"I'm very excited about this new position, and I think it's an opportunity for BC to move forward," said Pekala. "Boston College has a tradition of focusing on the individual and this new Student Services model fits very well in that legacy. It's a way for us to combine services for students through creative use of people and resources, and in so doing, to become one of the best-managed universities in the country."

"It is worth noting," Kreinbring added, "that this reorganization did not result in layoffs. As with any transition, there will be adjustments - some employees will have new responsibilities, others will find they no longer have exactly the same set of tasks. But we feel confident that with Louise and Bernie's leadership, Student Services will help pave the way for the Boston College envisioned by Project Delta."

During the next few months, Kreinbring said, Lonabocker and Pekala will form a Student Services management team, and staff will begin training for the transition. The first floor of Lyons Hall will be renovated this fall to house the new organization.

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