Irish Famine, Troubles Insire Exhibits

Two exhibits of artwork commemorating the difficulties of Ireland's distant and recent pasts have visited campus this summer. One continues to be on display through July.

Approximately 45 paintings and sculptures by three generations of contemporary Irish artists are on display in the Burns Library Trustees Boardroom though the end of the month. The works are inspired by the Great Famine, which struck Ireland in the mid-19th century and sparked a flood of emigration, much of it to America.

An exhibition of paintings by three Northern Irish artists whose murals in the Catholic "Bogside" neighborhood of Derry have been among the signature political artworks of the Ulster strife packed up yesterday after a three-week showing in Bapst Library.

The exhibit featured large-scale paintings andphotographs that chronicle the tensions in Northern Ireland over the past three decades.

-Michael Seele & Mark Sullivan

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