Congressman John Joseph Moakley addresses a May 27 reception in Lyons Hall when the Moakley Award for International Service was announced.

Moakley Award To Honor Students' Justice Efforts

In recognition of his efforts to promote social justice in El Salvador and throughout the world, Boston College has established the Congressman John Joseph Moakley Award for International Service.

The award's creation was announced at a May 27 reception in Moakley's honor. The Moakley Award will be presented to a student who has shown a deep interest in and commitment to the promotion of social justice and human rights throughout the world while at Boston College. It honors the courage and dedication of Moakley, who has worked for years to promote a just American policy abroad.

"In particular, his response to the 1989 assassination of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter at the University of Central America in El Salvador demonstrated a deep commitment to bringing those involved to justice and to continuing the murdered Jesuits' important work on behalf of the poor," said Senior Vice President James P. McIntyre.

"Boston College, therefore, seeks to express its gratitude and respect for Rep. Moakley by establishing this award, which will be presented to a deserving student who has embraced the high ideals of service, integrity and justice that the congressman has demonstrated throughout his life of public service," McIntyre added.

Moakley was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree by Boston College in 1992.

-Michael Seele

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