Council to Coordinate B.C. Web Activities

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The University has established an Internet Development Advisory Council to assist with the coordination of its World Wide Web activities and resources.

Composed of 21 members, including a five-person executive committee, from a range of academic and administrative areas, IDAC plans to hold its first meeting on Feb. 20 to begin mapping out an agenda. The council will report to Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella, who has named Office of Publications and Print Marketing Director Ben Birnbaum as council chairman.

"The development and management of the Boston College Web site is a critical challenge for the University," said Campanella in a recent letter announcing the council's formation. He said IDAC likely will discuss areas such as "marketing strategy, aesthetics, resources, technology platforms, tools, training and centralized support versus dispersed support."

Birnbaum said IDAC will devote attention to a broad spectrum of Internet-related issues.

"The need of schools, departments and programs to make use of the Internet is expanding rapidly and so are the technological resources," he said. "Right now we've got a thousand flowers blooming and no place to bring them together. IDAC is a greenhouse. We're going to learn from each other, keep each other smart and figure out the best way for BC to proceed in developing its Internet resources."

As representatives of administrative and academic areas, IDAC members will be responsible for conveying the needs of their units to the council and for bringing information back to their individual organizations. IDAC also will consult on an OPPM assignment to develop "a BC look for our Internet pages," said Birnbaum.

"This doesn't mean that all official BC pages will look the same," Birnbaum said. "But as in publications, we will phase in graphic and informational characteristics that are intended to convey identity and to reflect well on BC."

Along with Birnbaum, the executive committee will consist of Information Technology Director Martin Smith, Enrollment Management Dean Robert Lay, Institutional Information and Internet Services Director James O'Neill and OPPM Associate Director and Director of Design Services David Williams.

Council members are: University Librarian Jerome Yavarkovsky; College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean J. Joseph Burns; Carroll School of Management Associate Dean Richard Keeley; Public Affairs Director Douglas Whiting; Asst. Prof. John McNutt (GSSW); Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Admissions and Financial Aid Director Emily Mills; CSOM Associate Director of Graduate Finance Programs Michelle Erickson; Associate Director of Development Rob Millar; School of Education Technology Manager Robert Frank; Athletic Association Assistant Director for Sports Information Richard Kelley; Alumni Association Assistant Director Maura Scully; Kathleen Croft, administrative officer in the Financial Vice President's Office; College of Advancing Studies Secretary Christine Nash; Ann McDonald, administrative and computing support specialist for the Law Library; Catherine Toran, technology and publication specialist for the School of Nursing; and Jean Beattie, administrative and technology coordinator for Student Affa irs.

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