Payroll System To Be Streamlined

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Under a Project Delta initiative, the University will streamline its payroll system for employees who are paid on a monthly basis.

The Delta team working on short-term financial initiatives has changed the monthly payroll cycles so that all faculty and administrative staff will be paid on the 16th of each month, effective in April.

Presently, the University maintains two separate monthly payrolls. One, paid on the 16th, is for all full-time and part-time faculty, graduate researchers, resident assistants and graduate student stipends. The second payroll, on the last work day of the month, is for all non-faculty administrative and professional staff.

Eliminating one payroll processing cycle per month will cut down on data entry, handling, signing, sorting and other activities, and result in savings on forms and postage.

"This is simply an idea which makes sense," said University Controller Michael Driscoll, the Delta team leader. "Adopting the single payroll cycle may not generate the savings of some other Delta initiatives, but it is certainly a far more efficient way of doing business."

"Combining our monthly payrolls is a small example of Delta's emphasis on simplifying business procedures," said Delta Project Manager James Kreinbring. "It doesn't represent a big change in the way we do business, but it does save some work and makes things simpler by doing a task once rather than twice."

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