Surrealism Course Offered This Spring

As a companion course to the McMullen Museum's new exhibition, the Fine Arts Department will offer "Surrealism and the Arts" to undergraduates this semester.

"We have talked in the past about putting together a course on Surrealism," said Assoc. Prof. Jeffery Howe (Fine Arts), who will teach the class with department chairman Prof. John Michalczyk. "When the museum exhibition came into focus, it provided a great opportunity, especially because of the resource material that will be available to students."

The course will explore Surrealism in the historical and cultural context of the 1920s and 1930s. A primary focus will be the visual forms of Surrealism - including art, film and photography. The course also will investigate Surrealist literature and the political context of the aftermath of World War I.

"We will explore the meanings and historical development of Surrealist art in its many forms," according to Howe, who will focus on the manifestations of Surrealism in drawing, painting and photography, while Michalczyk will focus on the critical study of Surrealism in film and literature.

"We are very fortunate to have the exhibition, "Visionary States: Surrealist Prints from the Gilbert Kaplan Collection," in the McMullen Museum for the duration of this course," Howe says. "These master prints, representing all the major Surrealist artists, will be an integral part of our study of this fascinating modern movement."

In addition, Michalczyk has organized a related series of five films in January and February .

-R.L.P. and S.S.

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