Irish Institute Wins $1M Federal Grant

Congress has awarded a $1 million grant to the Irish Institute, the second in as many years, to support its efforts to encourage economic and social development in Ireland.

The grant was approved by Congress in November as part of its fiscal year 1998 appropriations for the United States Information Agency. The institute was one of six international exchange programs to receive congressionally designated funding from USIA, which also provided last year's grant.

Administrators said the grant will enable the institute to continue building its range of programs in political leadership, management and education for representatives of the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland business communities.

"Boston College is delighted that Congress recognized the value in providing continued support for the Irish Institute," said Senior Vice President James P. McIntyre. "BC is looking forward to continuing its work with the United States Information Agency in an effort to spur peaceful economic development in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland by providing executive and business management experience in the US to individuals from these nations."

"Here at the Irish Institute we are delighted for the funding and for this endorsement from the US government," said Irish Institute Director Sean Rowland. "Federal support provides real opportunity for people from Northern and southern Ireland and offers the opportunity for America to create change and substantiate US political involvement on the ground. The grant also provides Boston College the opportunity to continue to work with the United States Information Agency, education, corporate and political leaders in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain. It firmly positions Boston College as the leading US university working in Ireland."

-Sean Smith

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