Zip Code Change Effective In May, 1999

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

University offices will have almost a year's grace period to update stationery and other publications to include Newton's new zip codes, according to administrators.

Earlier this month, the US Postal Service said it would make changes in zip codes for Newton and several Eastern Massachusetts communities to accommodate an influx of new postal customers in Boston. The new codes will be announced in May and go into effect in July.

Mail Services Supervisor John Joyce said Newton zip codes will no longer begin with the "021-" prefix and will likely feature other new digits as well. In addition to the 02167 and 02159 codes for Main and Newton campuses, respectively, the "zip PLUS 4" codes for University locations also may be affected, he said.

But administrators said that offices can continue to use letterheads or other mailing forms bearing the old zip codes after July. By May of 1999, however, the new zip codes must be included to better ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Assistant Director for Purchasing and Systems Jerri Cole said offices should take the opportunity to assess their mailing-related operations.

"The transition doesn't have to be immediate," she explained. "But it is worth looking a little farther ahead when you plan for stationery needs for the coming year, for example, or what your schedule should be for sending out materials. Fortunately, there will be a good length of time to make adjustments."

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