AHANA Student Leader Wins Scholarship

As a dedicated community volunteer and AHANA student leader for the past three years, Allison Harriott '99, has worked to make Boston College a place that celebrates the rainbow of faces in its midst.

For her efforts, Harriott has been awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship, given annually to a junior of African descent whose achievements echo King's spirit.

Harriott said the scholarship, announced at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Committee Awards Banquet, came as a great honor.

"I must say it was certainly humbling," said Harriott, a resident assistant on Newton Campus and a director of the AHANA Leadership Academy of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College. "It was a moment for me to realize that I hadn't got there myself. I had God in my life, and my friends and family. All of us were there together getting recognized."

A native of Stamford, Conn., Harriott is a Dean's List student in the School of Education, where she majors in human development and elementary education. She plans to attend medical school to study pediatrics, but hopes first to earn a master's degree in counseling psychology from Boston College and work with adolescent children.

In addition to serving as a resident assistant since her sophomore year, Harriott has mentored and tutored area schoolchildren through the "Kids on Campus" program. She also is a peer counselor through her church, an instructor in HIV and AIDS prevention, and a state representative for her hometown chapter of the Red Cross.

"One thing I've strived to do here at Boston College is to open others to the awareness of cultural differences at BC," Harriott said. "We need to open our community to those who are on the outskirts here. We need to open our arms and work toward supporting each other. I want to encourage others to broaden their experiences. The richest experience you can bring from BC is meeting others who are different from you."

-Mark Sullivan

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