Construction Plan Will Allow Higgins To Stay Open

Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella outlined the complex Higgins Hall construction process, which will be executed in phases so teaching and research can continue.

"Because the early part of any construction project - the excavation and foundation - tend to be the noisiest and most disruptive, we will try to accomplish as much of this work as possible over the summer," Campanella said. "The project, therefore, will commence on May 11, two days after the last exam is held in Higgins.

"The first thing to be accomplished, Phase I, will be the construction of an addition across the front of the building with the creation of an atrium between that addition and the existing building, much the same as was done on the back of Fulton Hall," he added.

"Once that is accomplished, various elements of Physics and Biology will be moved into the addition, the remainder will be consolidated in the south wing and the north wing will be renovated. Then there will be further moving and consolidation in the north wing while the south wing is renovated. Overall we expect the project will take 36 months."

Campanella added, "There are two characteristics of construction projects that I am sure we are all familiar with. They tend to be dirty and noisy, and we appreciate the patience and tolerance that will be required of the Boston College community while this work goes on. Most importantly, we appreciate the help and cooperation of the faculty members in the Physics and Biology departments."

-Michael Seele

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