Board Sets Average Undergraduate Rate

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

At its Feb. 6 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved an average rate of $29,839 for 1998-99 undergraduate tuition, fees, room and board.

Trustees set the total for tuition and fees at $21,304, and also approved a 1998-99 board rate of $3,520. The board agreed on an average room rate of $4,995, although actual rates vary, depending on residence hall location.

In a letter to parents of undergraduates, Executive Vice President Frank B. Campanella said the overall 4.5 percent rise in tuition, fees, room and board was mostly attributable to annual cost inflation for the goods and services the University must purchase. The other factor he cited in setting the rate was the University's $260 million investment "in academic excellence and student services.".

Campanella said the plan aims to increase the number of full-time faculty to strengthen undergraduate teaching; widen opportunities for special academic programs, such as undergraduate research fellowships, international study and professional internships; and create new learning and research facilities for the sciences and humanities.

At the same time, Campanella pointed out that the University is actively pursuing ways to cut costs, increase productivity and improve services to students and families.

"We are sensitive to the fact that any added cost represents a financial burden to many Boston College families," Campanella said in the letter. "With that in mind, we are working aggressively to keep such increases as low as possible by dramatically changing our management processes and directing our financial resources toward those areas that add quality and value to the Boston College education."

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