Grant Funds China Studies Partnership

The Freeman Foundation has awarded a grant of more than $1 million to the China Studies Partnership, a project involving the School of Education that aims to improve the teaching of Chinese history, language and culture in schools.

In addition to SOE, the partnership, which originated in the Newton Public Schools, includes the Boston and Brookline public schools and the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

Research Prof. Irwin Blumer (SOE), former superintendent of the Newton schools, was involved in landing the grant, as was Assoc. Prof. Alec Peck (SOE).

The goal of the partnership is to prepare teachers to teach about China by providing scholarly seminars for hundreds of educators throughout New England. The project is being administered by the New England China Network, a non-profit educational agency located in Watertown, and will include follow-up curriculum support, an Internet site and a two-week summer study tour in China.

As a project partner, Boston College will provide technology support, seminar sites and administrative assistance. In return, 15 education students and faculty from the University will be able to participate in a four-day seminar and take advantage of a partnership resource library.

Boston College participants also will be eligible to join a partially subsidized China study tour in the summer following each seminar.

- Mark Sullivan

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