C.S.O.M. Wins $477K For Curriculum Plan

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

A $477,000 grant from the General Electric Foundation's GE Fund "Learning Excellence" program has been awarded to the Carroll School of Management for the development of an innovative curriculum plan promoting interdisciplinary approaches to the solutions of corporate business problems.

The three-year grant - the largest GE Fund gift ever received by Boston College - will support the establishment of multiple pilot courses and programs that will bring CSOM faculty members from various disciplines together with professional corporate managers. They will examine new avenues for planning and implementing successful business strategies.

CSOM Dean John Neuhauser expressed gratitude to the foundation and said, "This reflects well on the many faculty who contributed to a very creative proposal and, indeed, on the aspirations of the school as a whole. As one of the first and certainly one of the largest such endeavors, which will unite faculty and managers in a continuing experiment to improve education, we expect great things and we intend these developments to have a lasting impact in the classroom."

The pilot program, which will be offered to CSOM Honors Program students, will include elective courses that will place undergraduates in direct contact with various department heads of major local corporations and give them a first-hand view of how business leaders solve corporate challenges with a multi-disciplinary approach.

"Management schools are realizing that business isn't done by function anymore," said Assoc. Prof. Gregory Trompeter (CSOM), who is leading the project. "Businesses have gotten tired of having accountants who know little about marketing or finance people who don't understand what the operations people are doing. We are now seeing corporate professionals working interactively to plan, coordinate and control their activities."

Trompeter said that a second phase of the program could be a guest speaker series that would bring local CEOs and key corporate decision-makers into classrooms.

The grant also could be utilized to support interdisciplinary case writing by CSOM faculty members, Trompeter noted.

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