Faculty To Be Added In A&S, SOE, Law, GSSW

Presidential Scholars slated for expansion

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The next round of initiatives in Boston College's $260 million investment in academic programs and resources will include funding for new faculty positions in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education, Law School and Graduate School of Social Work, as well as an expansion of the Presidential Scholars Program.

In addition, administrators say, the University will strengthen research and student technology services, and increase financial support for education, arts and sciences and AHANA graduate students.

"What's emerged over the last few months is a tremendous number of initiatives and proposals covering a range of areas," said Associate Academic Vice President Robert Newton, who is coordinating the committee implementing measures developed under the $260 million initiative, which University President William P. Leahy, SJ, announced in September. "We are trying to deal with them across the board as much as possible, and looking systematically at what can be done to achieve the objectives outlined in the plan.

"So far, we've addressed about two-thirds of the objectives in some form," he said. "There may still be some work to do on these initiatives, but we have at least begun to shape them."

The implementation committee has approved funding to add one tenure-track faculty position in the Chemistry Department, Newton said, and to attract prominent scholars in the Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Theology departments, although the exact number in each will be determined later.

Other initiatives call for SOE to add two faculty positions in its higher education program, and for GSSW to expand its full-time faculty by four positions, Newton said. The Law School also will receive funding to expand its full-time faculty "with a focus on international law," he added, and to invite two distinguished visiting faculty each academic year.

The University's highly successful Presidential Scholars Program will now enroll 15 students each year - up from 10 - beginning with the Class of 2002. The program aims to attract the top 2 percent of college applicants nationally, offering community service opportunities, summer internships and other forms of academic, spiritual and personal enrichment. The increased funding will support scholarships, a summer program, service placement, a study-abroad opportunity in Europe, and an expanded internship component.

Another facet of the initiatives involves increased support for graduate students in SOE and in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, administrators said, as well as funding for several projects in the Carroll Graduate School of Management. CGSOM will upgrade its computing resources for students, which include a recently relocated and expanded computer lab, and a dedicated server to allow more printing access in Fulton Hall.

The funding also will help strengthen CGSOM through such measures as hiring a director and two assistant directors for its career planning and placement services, and creating an assistant director position for the master of science in finance program. The newly created joint master of science-master of business administration degree program will receive additional support as well.

The plan also will benefit AHANA graduate students, administrators said. The University will raise the number of fellowships available to, and increase stipends for, doctoral students of color.

BC's information technology resources and services will be expanded under the plan, said Information Technology Director Martin Smith. Starting this fall, the O'Neill Development Center computing facility will be open to students past midnight, he said, and the Interactive Multimedia Laboratory will increase its hours this semester.

Smith said funds also will help support development of the University's academic and research technology services, and that a committee will be formed to oversee this task.

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