Paul White Honored

Since becoming Boston College's associate vice president for state and community relations in September, former State Sen. Paul White has received tributes from several community groups whose causes he championed for nearly a quarter-century in the Massachusetts Legislature.

Organizations that have recently honored White include Action for Boston Community Development, the Massachusetts Community Action Program, the Massachusetts Coalition for Adoption, the Massachusetts Association of Day Care Agencies, the Massachusetts Children's Trust, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, and Carney Hospital. In the tributes and awards presented to White, agencies praised his career-long commitment to working families, children and the poor.

"I have received more accolades in my departure than I ever did in my presence in the Legislature. Absence makes the heart grow fonder," quipped White, a 1967 alumnus who had served first in the House, then in the Senate since 1973. "What's nice is, it's beyond the stage where I can do anything for these organizations. I'm gone now, but they've still chosen to stop and express their appreciation to me."

The MASSCAP Directors' Association extolled him as "a champion of low-income people and of the programs that help them achieve self-sufficiency," while the Massachusetts AFL-CIO said his "continuous advocacy for working families will be sorely missed." Action for Boston Community Development presented White with its Lifetime Public Service Award, citing his "tireless dedication and commitment in helping to combat poverty in Massachusetts."

White said his new job at Boston College will offer a ready outlet for his longstanding advocacy for neighborhoods and families.

"They are very clearly attuned," said White, who saw "a natural fit with Boston College's commitment to service and to transmitting its expertise to the community at large."

-Mark Sullivan

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