I.T. Names New Leaders For Academic Support

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

In a move aimed at strengthening its link to the faculty, the Office of Information Technology has announced a new leadership team for its Academic and Research Services division.

Robert Kuhn, formerly director of information technology at Radcliffe College, was named director, and Jeanne Spellman, who had been serving as acting director of the division, was appointed assistant director. Both appointments are effective the first week of January.

"These two appointments are a critical component of the new IT team and organization, and both will work with the faculty to provide technology support and services," said Information Technology Director Martin Smith. "Faculty will be better informed and involved in our academic direction as it relates to technology services, classroom support and research."

Smith said the revamped department reflects a University commitment to upgrade services that support research and scholarship.

"We will bring new technology into the classroom environment and coordinate these activities with faculty, students, academic departments and other support service areas, such as the University Libraries and the Audio Visual Department," said Smith.
Robert Kuhn and Jeanne Spellman. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

"We have plans to increase access by improving external communications on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 12-month-a-year basis," Smith added. "Internet access will be increased, both in terms of speed and availability. We also are looking to expand our hours and student services in the Student Learning and Support Center at O'Neill Library."

According to Smith, Kuhn is mulling the formation of faculty constituent groups that would allow him "to better listen and respond to faculty department needs in order to improve the delivery of educational services to our students."

Kuhn received a bachelor's degree from the University of Sydney in 1980, and master's and doctoral degrees from Harvard University in 1981 and 1985, respectively. He served as director of computing for the Harvard Mathematics Department from 1988-94 before being promoted to director of information technology at Radcliffe.

"Bob is very familiar with all aspects of technology in higher education, including the research and classroom environment, and brings this experience to advance the goals of Boston College," Smith said.

Spellman began working at Boston College in 1989 as an office automation consultant, and in 1992 was appointed manager of personal computing services. Among other activities, Spellman worked on Agora and projects involving the University voice mail and e-mail systems. As assistant director, Spellman will be responsible for academic services and user coordination, said Smith.

"Jeanne has proven to be an outstanding service provider for the University faculty and community and has received very high accolades from faculty and staff," Smith said.

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