New U.G.B.C. Leader Issues Call To Service

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

The presidential slate of Patrick McMahon '99, and Gerard O'Shea '99, who combined an appeal to voluntarism with eye-catching orange campaign regalia, swept to victory in last week's election for the Undergraduate Government at Boston College.

The McMahon-O'Shea ticket received 71 percent of the vote in topping Ryan Winmill '00, and Andrew Tilli '99, in balloting during March 30-31.

McMahon credited the win to a strong campus-wide organization that campaigned person to person.

"We kept the campaign personal and tried to be accessible," said McMahon. "Those who worked for us represented a broad spectrum of BC life. We ran the entire gamut - freshmen to seniors, men and women, athletes and non-athletes.'"

McMahon, who will assume office on April 15, said he hopes to use the UGBC presidency as a "bully pulpit" to boost what he sees as the "unique elements" of the Boston College undergraduate experience, in particular the Jesuit tradition of service to others.

"We really feel UGBC should be at the center of the University, bolstering the elements that make up the Boston College experience," said McMahon. "No one leaves here saying 'I love BC because of UGBC.' They remember a professor they particularly liked, or traveling to Nicaragua with the Ignacio Volunteers, or ... a football team win. Those are the elements we're looking to uphold."

UGBC President-elect
Patrick McMahon.

McMahon, a history major from Colorado Springs, Colo. who is a member of the Jenks Leadership Program and varsity swim team, gained student government experience as a director of UGBC town meetings. He also has been active in the Faith, Peace and Justice program, and in the Appalachian Volunteers.

A Hopewell Junction, NY, native and psychology major enrolled in the University's pre-medical program, O'Shea is a newcomer to UGBC. He directs Project 2000, a Boston College mentoring and tutoring program for local elementary school children.

McMahon said a top priority of his administration will be to encourage participation in service opportunities such as Appalachian Volunteers, AHANA Volunteers, Neighborhood Center, Ignacio Volunteers, 4 Boston, and various community volunteer efforts sponsored by the University Chaplaincy.

"One of the biggest parts of our program is our commitment to service, which I see as integral to the Boston College experience and the Jesuit experience," said McMahon, a veteran of service trips to Appalachia and a Navajo Indian reservation. He proposes establishing a UGBC division that would serve as a clearinghouse for information about service opportunities while enhancing communication between the various service groups on campus.

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