Payroll Change In Effect

Effective April 16, all monthly-paid faculty and administrators will receive paychecks at mid-month. This change, the result of a Project Delta initiative, will streamline the payroll process and eliminate the twice-monthly system for professional employees.

In the past, all full- and part-time faculty, graduate researchers, resident assistant and graduate student stipend recipients were paid on the 16th of each month, while non-faculty administrative and professional staff were paid on the last business day of each month.

The new schedule will eliminate one payroll processing cycle per month, as well as cutting down on data entry, handling, signing, sorting and postage.

The following are the monthly pay dates for 1998: Thursday, April 16; Friday, May 15; Tuesday, June 16; Thursday, July 16; Friday, Aug. 14; Wednesday, Sept. 16; Friday, Oct. 16; Monday, Nov. 16; Wednesday, Dec. 16.

Employees with questions or concerns about tax withholding may call the Payroll Office at ext.2-3380.

-Reid Oslin

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