New Billing System For Personal Calls Effective
On May 1

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

Effective May 1, a new telephone billing system will enable employees to charge all long-distance personal telephone calls to their Boston College Eagle One Card.

By using the "Star 88" system for personal calls, administrators said, employees will eliminate the need to reimburse the University for non-business calls made during working hours.

To utilize Star 88, callers dial "*88" and, following a brief recorded message, are prompted to enter the four-digit authorization number on the front of their Eagle One card, followed by their five-digit personal identification number. Bills for personal calls made through the Star 88 system will be sent to the employee's home address.

James Fiorentino, business manager of voice services for Information Technology, said the new system will make it easier for employees to keep track of their personal long distance calls, and save processing time and money in the University's accounts payable department. The adoption of Star 88 reflects current University efforts to streamline business practices and reduce costs on a campus-wide basis, he said.

"This will eliminate the need for the employee to go over the printed long distance printout that is currently produced, trying to decide which calls were personal," Fiorentino said. "On the other end, it will save our accounts payable people from having to process checks from the employees for their non-business calls."

All personal long distance calls made from an on-campus telephone through Star 88 will cost 15 cents per minute with an access charge of 35 cents per call, which Fiorentino said represents a substantial savings over AT&T Calling Card or MCI rates for an average 10-minute call.

Additional information on Star 88 access and calling card rates is available through the InfoEagle World Wide Web page at /phones .

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