Duffy Outlines Behavior Expectations

In advance of the running of the Boston Marathon on Monday, and following the April 4 campus disruption, Vice President for Student Affairs Kevin P. Duffy issued the following letter on April 15 to all undergraduate students :

With four weeks remaining in the Spring Semester and Marathon Day weekend just ahead, I wish to remind students of the University's expectations regarding behavior both on campus and off campus. A notice such as this should not be necessary but events over the past several weeks have created a situation which calls for a higher level of attention by all.

On the evening of Saturday, April 4th, the Men's Ice Hockey Team provided one of the most uplifting athletic performances in the history of the University. In the hours immediately following that game, several hundred of your fellow students provided one of the worst displays of irresponsible behavior ever witnessed at Boston College. Between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m., six fires were set on the Lower Campus, several others were prevented at their outset, objects were thrown from windows, personal and University property was destroyed, and the Housing staff, Boston College Police and Boston Fire Department personnel were threatened and harassed in the process of trying to put out fires and restore order. Two students were injured by flying objects, eight automobiles were significantly damaged, and three athletic team vans had their roofs crushed by the weight of students standing on top of them. Four students were arrested and a total of 25 students have been cited for University judicial action. Of the 25, 21 are seniors.

On the evening of Monday, April 6th, approximately 150 Lower Campus residents participated in a meeting with college administrators. At that time, we announced a ban on all registered parties in the Mods until further notice. That ban remains in effect and should be particularly kept in mind on the coming weekend. Seniors and juniors at that meeting also spoke about the large number of freshmen and sophomores who are unwanted "crashers" at social events in the Mods and asked for the University's help in keeping out underclassmen who don't live there. Accordingly, the Mods are declared out of bounds on nights for the remainder of the semester for all freshmen and sophomores.

As for the off-campus scene, over the past several months University administrators have been engaged in a series of meetings with representatives of the Boston Police Department and other external officials regarding the unruly behavior of Boston College students in the surrounding neighborhoods, particularly in Brighton. While comparatively few students have been involved in this negative behavior, their conduct has hurt the reputation of all BC students. In the course of reviewing the incident reports from off campus for the current academic year, 11 houses or apartments have been identified as repeat offenders in terms of large scale parties, noise complaints and/or disorderly conduct. By copy of this letter, the occupants of these residences are put on notice that any additional irresponsible behavior will result in immediate substantive University judicial action up to and including suspension or dismissal from Housing or the University.

It is especially important to understand that Marathon Day weekend is not an excuse for irresponsible behavior. Extra police details will be on duty to respond to alcohol violations and disruptive behavior. The Cleveland Circle area and Crosby Road in Newton have been major trouble spots in the past and they will receive extra University and municipal police attention on Marathon Day.

The message is simple - ACT RESPONSIBLY.

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