G.S.S.W.'s Lynch Honored For His Work On HIV/AIDS Issues

Graduate School of Social Work Director of Continuing Education Vincent Lynch has been honored by the Council on Social Work Education for his efforts in bringing HIV and AIDS-related issues to social work curricula.

Lynch received the council's 1998 Distinguished Contribution to Social Work Education Award at its annual program meeting in Orlando, Fla. last month. The 6,000-member organization is responsible for setting accreditation standards for social work programs and conducting reaccreditation visits.

The council cited Lynch's work in organizing the Annual Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS, which will convene for the 10th year this May in New Orleans. The conference is co-sponsored by GSSW and has become a leading event for social work professionals and educators.

Lynch also was recognized for his part in establishing the BC-based National Research and Training Center on Social Work and HIV/AIDS, of which he is director. In February, the institute and the Centers for Disease Control sponsored a national conference on HIV prevention strategies for African-American communities.

"I was very pleased to be honored by the council," Lynch said. "This award is an affirmation of the work being done on HIV-AIDS issues. It is vital for social work educators to incorporate AIDS and HIV information in their teaching. The client populations served by social workers, such as the poor and people of color, are disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS, and as a profession we have to address that need."

-Sean Smith

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