Eight Faculty Win Grants

Eight faculty members have been named winners of the annual Teaching/Advising Grants for 1998.

The winners and their projects are: Prof. Peter Airasian (SOE), who will organize five day-long workshops on preparing faculty for computer competencies; School of Nursing associate professors Jane Ashley, Rita Olivieri and Eileen Plunkett, who are developing the critical content, course materials and teaching strategies for two new courses; Assoc. Prof. Stephen Bold (Romance Languages), for completion of the first large-scale reform of the French major; College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program part-time faculty member Martin Cohen and Adj. Assoc. Prof. Timothy Duket, who are exploring classroom innovations, modes of learning and pedagogical procedures that would be applicable to most any teaching situation; and Prof. John Ebel (Geology), for development of a new set of computer-based teaching materials.

Other winners are: Asst. Prof. Lisa Feldman Barrett (Psychology), who is working on a statistically-oriented workshop for students to obtain hands-on instruction in statistical methods using real data sets; Assoc. Prof. Jeffery Howe (Fine Arts) and A&S Honors Program Director Mark O'Connor, who are supporting Boston College's participation as a test site for digital images of art works; and Asst. Prof. Ziqiang Wang (Physics), who plans to use a World Wide Web site for teaching introductory physics courses.

-Sean Smith

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