Project Delta

Local Service Centers To Begin In Fall

By Reid Oslin
Staff Writer

The first phase of a major Project Delta initiative will begin in June with the hiring of a director for the proposed "local service centers," which will streamline and improve technological and administrative help for all University offices and departments.

The plan calls for the formation of 24 teams of professional employees who will boost the quality of services available to individual offices. Internal candidates will be strongly encouraged to apply for these positions, Delta representatives said.

As envisioned by Delta, a local service center would be assigned to a group of offices with similar administrative needs, or to larger entities, such as an educational division. The first members of the teams will provide professional technology support, and are expected to be active by the fall 1998 semester, according to Graduate School of Arts and Science Associate Dean Patricia DeLeeuw, director of the team which devised the new structure.

In the future, said Project Delta Manager James Kreinbring, support team staffs will be expanded to include technical and administrative specialists, in addition to fiscal support experts.

Delta representatives said the service centers will help achieve Delta's goals of cutting costs while improving services that enable Boston College employees to do their jobs.

"In addition," said Vice President for Human Resources Leo V. Sullivan, a Delta Executive Team member, "the service centers will provide challenging job opportunities for employees with special expertise and an interest in team-based work."

Information Technology Director Martin Smith said the introduction of the technology professionals this fall will usher in a more efficient and productive support system for offices and departments.

"It has been difficult for IT to provide consistent, high quality assistance to faculty and staff from a central source like the Help Desk," said Smith, another Executive Team member. "In the future, technology consultants will be the people to whom employees turn first for technology support, and IT staff will stand behind them. This is certainly the right direction for computing support at Boston College."

The service centers' director will oversee the hiring and training of the technology consultant teams and place them with schools, departments or clusters of departments throughout the campus. While the center director position is a newly created one, Kreinbring said it will be filled by an internal candidate. Once that person is on board, he said, the University may elect through its slot management policy to reorganize his or her previous position, leave it temporarily unfilled or eliminate it altogether.

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