I.R.D.L. Changes Its Name

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The Instructional Research and Development Laboratory has changed its name to the Interactive Multimedia Lab, a title which better represents its resources and activities, said IML Director Assoc. Prof. Peter Olivieri (CSOM).

"When we first opened in 1990, our focus was on looking at technology from a research aspect," Olivieri said. "But we have been doing a lot of multimedia work, incorporating video, audio, text and computer technology. We also have found that many projects are interactive, exploring ways of enhancing the relationship between faculty and students. Research and development remain part of our central mission, but this name truly reflects what we do."

Housed in Gasson 01, the IML contains a facility for faculty to develop applications for instruction or research, utilizing text and image scanners, CD recorders, laser disc players and other tools. It also has a 25-workstation experimental classroom where faculty can use sophisticated computer, video and audio technology as part of their teaching. The IML hosted over 450 class sessions and more than 900 faculty consultations during 1995-96.

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