Gleason Wins Major Award

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Associate Vice President for Information Technology Bernard Gleason Jr. has won a 1996 Partnership Award of Excellence from Beyond Computing for his leadership of the University's Agora initiative.

Beyond Computing presents three Partnership Awards a year to honor enterprises that benefit from combining information technology and business objectives. Gleason was one of seven award finalists - representing such companies as Prudential Insurance, Boston Edison and Mitsubishi Motor Sales - featured in a recent issue of the magazine.

"We are changing the paradigm around here," said Gleason. "We won the award because of the advances Boston College has made with network computing in regard to Project Agora. We plan to continue moving in this direction, thereby changing the way we communicate, collaborate and even teach classes at the University."

Project Agora, launched in September 1995, is one phase in an overall network strategy that began in 1986, according to Gleason. In addition to extending the campus network to the residence halls, he said, it offers a comprehensive package of communications services - including telephone, voice mail, cable television, electronic mail and data access - to 6,700 students. Access to Agora services in the University's classrooms improves the integration between academic and residential aspects of campus life, he added.

Gleason said network computing on the Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, will be more significant than the advent of the personal computer. Through Agora and related initiatives, he said, Boston College has positioned itself to take advantage of these emerging technologies and reach out beyond current students and employees to alumni, parents and prospective students.

"It is the way the whole world is moving and we're right at the forefront, as this award demonstrates," Gleason said.

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