Delta Newsletter Debuts This Month

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The Project Delta Executive Committee will begin publishing a newsletter later this month, coinciding with the release of its report on improving the University's business processes.

That report, which Delta Project Manager James Kreinbring described as a "direction statement," will outline specific goals, strategies and initiatives to increase the University's efficiency and delivery of services. The statement was developed by Project Delta team members and representatives of Andersen Consulting.

The monthly newsletter will provide project updates and other information concerning Delta, and will be distributed to all University employees. It also will be available in electronic format through the Project Delta World Wide Web site.

Kreinbring said the newsletter will not only enable the University community to stay informed about Delta, but will help employees reflect on their role in helping Boston College become more productive.

"We truly want the University community to be involved in this transition," he said. "It is vital for everyone to realize that Delta will be ongoing, not something which takes place all at once. The project is as much about attitude and perception, of taking a new look at how things are done to see how they can be done better.

"To bring this change about, the Project Delta members want to ensure that there is effective two-way communication with the University community," Kreinbring continued. "We feel the newsletter can be a way of spurring this discussion."

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