Fr. Madigan A Visiting Prof. At John Carroll U.

Assoc. Prof. Arthur Madigan, SJ (Philosophy), has been named the 1996-97 Edmund F. Miller, SJ, Chair in Classical Studies in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures at John Carroll University in Cleveland.

As the Miller Chair, Fr. Madigan will teach intermediate Greek this fall and implement a pilot project in the spring which will involve teaching Aristotle in Greek to second year students. Fr. Madigan said he hopes to teach a similar course at Boston College in the 1997-98 academic year.

"Our department is deeply honored by Fr. Madigan's appointment to the Miller Chair at John Carroll University," said Prof. Richard Cobb-Stevens, Philosophy Department chairman. "Under his direction, our graduate program has consolidated its strengths and significantly enhanced its national reputation. In addition, he is a devoted teacher, a generous colleague, and a distinguished scholar. John Carroll is lucky to have him."

"It is always good for Boston College when faculty are recognized outside the University," said Fr. Madigan. "I hope this experience will broaden my horizons, thereby improving my work when I return to Boston College."

During his stay at John Carroll, Fr. Madigan expects to complete his book, Aristotle, 'Metaphysics' Beta: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary , which will be published by Oxford University Press in 1997.

-Sandra Howe

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